Improve Your Career With Travel And Tourism Management

By | May 26, 2017

Travelling is not as same as holidaying to the exquisite place and enjoy your life but if you want to make it a profession and people who work in travel and tourism have a passion for travel and a commitment to helping other travelers and make the most of their holiday. The most important qualities that one must possess are the communication, team work, and customer service skills, whatever the location, position or technical skills to make the students will learn in travel and tourism management and will be taught to learn challenges and have the ability to work well and in sync with diverse range of people. The students who are doing the travel and tourism management should have creativity and innovative approach to everything. It is an industry where the personal service to the customer is very important and once you grasp this skill there is wide range of opportunities involved with ecotourism including wildlife lodge manager, trail leader, ecotour naturalist, PR executive, marketing manager and program editor. Once you are done with the travel and tourism management you may also work for a private company that runs the tours, or a national park or outdoor education center. Due to these service the demand for the travel and tourism management courses are on high rise and it is making travelling and enriching and enjoyable experience for every individual.

The hotels provide travelers with food and accommodation services and this in turn requires skilled and professional individuals and to increase the manpower in this vast sector the institute of hotel management has come forward with the diploma courses. We provide students with the requisite knowledge that will enable them to pursue their career and acquire integrated knowledge and outlook at the subject to cater to the needs of the industry. The institute of hotel management includes the curriculum that will enable to qualify in every sector like hotel and restaurant management, cruise ship management, hospital administration and catering, hotel and tourism associations, airline catering and cabin services, club management, forest lodges, guest houses. The expansion of global travel industry has boosted the vacancy in the hotel sector and there are multiple profiles and positions are being offered. There are some hotels that hire graduate direct from the institute of hotel management. The minimum selection criteria for an undergraduate course in hotel management is 10+2 with 50% marks.

The growth of modern travel has created many technical vacancies in the airline industry too; aviation management courses prepare students for a wide range of careers in the air travel industry. It is not just for pilots but you can choose from aviation aircraft maintenance to air traffic controller to certified flight instructor. The most important part of the aviation management courses is how to determine long term regional aviation planning, passenger and cargo demand as well as operation forecasting for the airports within a certain region. The aviation management courses offer a balanced curriculum that combines a general education with a strong foundation of business and specialized courses plus experience in aviation management.